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How should I dress for my headshot?

What you wear is very important.

Potential employers or clients usually only take a second or two to glance at your headshot, therefore you want to dress in a way that flatters, but does not distract, from your face.

Proper attire depends on your career or the one you are seeking. Just like an interview, you want to dress a notch better than you do for everyday work. 

Please take the time to read the information below very carefully.  Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions. 309-747-3237

In General
    - Your clothes should be clean and wrinkle free.
    - Well fitted clothing will make you appear slimmer and more professional.
    - Bulky clothing can give you a rumpled look.
    - Long sleeves are a must for a professional headshot.

Wear solid colors
      - Avoid stripes, plaids, prints and patterns.
             - They can distract a person's eye from your face.
             - They date your photo more quickly.
    - Add layers, such as a jacket,  for a little more interest.

Wear medium to dark clothing.
    - Darker colors are more slimming and less distracting.
    - Jewel tones compliment all complexions. (see image on the right)
    - Stay away from yellow, gold and red
    - Almost black or charcoal is better than pure black.
    - Consider some richer neutrals like chocolate, navy, maroon &
      forest green.

Stay away from whites, beiges or pastels.
     - They draw attention away from your face.
     - Not even in your accessories.
     - The only exceptions to this is the traditional dark suit with a white shirt or
       If we are using a white background.     

Just for the Ladies
     - A modest v-neck is flattering because it lengthens the neck.
     - Turtle necks & bulky scarves draw attention to the neck & crowd the face.
     - If you choose to wear a jacket, pair it with a collarless top.

Just for Men
     - For a corporate headshot,....
         - a collared shirt with a jacket and tie is always a good idea.
     - For a more casual look consider....
         - A dark sports coat with a medium shade crew shirt
         - An unbuttoned collared shirt
         - A nice, "crisp", long-sleeved polo or
         - A light weight v-neck sweater.

Can I add accessories to my outfit?

    - No jewelry is preferred. Tiny post earring are ok.
    - But, if you must, kept it very simple.
    - Jewelry distracts from your face.

    - It's always appropriate for men to have a tie with a suit jacket.

    - Shoes should be selected for comfort.
    - Remember, they won't be seen in a head and shoulder shot.

    - If you regularly wear glasses you should be wearing them in your headshot.
    - If you regularly wear several different pairs, bring them all. Some      
      eyeglasses photograph better than others.

What I should know about fixing my hair?

    - Bring a hair brush or comb with you to your session.

Need a Haircut
    - Schedule the appointment a week or more before your session.
    - Don't try a new style.  

    - you might want to consider having you hair professionally styled (not cut)
      right before the session.  

    - if you are prone to a lot of flyaway hairs, bring a smoothing brush (at least 50%
      boar's hair) and hair spray to the session. I’ve seen inexpensive ones for around $6 at
      most superstores. Spraying the hair spray on the brush and then lightly smoothing out
      your hair will control the flyaways but will not weigh down your hair. This is especially
      important if you use a hair straighter. 

Do I need to wear more make up than usual?

    - It should be a tad more than what you wear to work.
    - I suggest that you have your make-up applied professionally right before your session.
    - Please arrive with your hair styled and makeup already applied.
    - Bring your lipstick and translucent powder with you for touch ups.

Make-up should be clean and natural.
    - Foundation - Light layer.
    - Translucent Powder - Light Layer
    - Lipstick should be no more than 2 shades brighter than your skin color.
    - Eye make-up - light and neutral.
    - Eye brows should look natural

Other make-up tips.

    - If you are doing your own makeup, use a new bottle of mascara to prevent clumps. 
      Not too heavy, please. 
    - Cover, but don't apply extremely heavy makeup to blemishes.  They are easier to remove
      in Photoshop when they are lightly covered.

*Check here for Examples of good makeup*

Ladies, if you don't usually wear makeup, please consider a light touch of foundation with a light layer of translucent powder. 

Men, no make-up needed.

Do you have any other general tips?

    - Avoid any new product on your hair, face or body within a few days before your shoot.
      Then you won't have to worry about any unsightly reaction.
    - Avoid drinking alcohol the night before to prevent puffy eyes.

Come with a positive attitude, feeling relaxed and confident!

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